Hi! We’re Will and Emma and this is the story of the last 12 months and how Recover came to be.



Our journey began with a podcast! Whilst driving home from Ireland camp, Will was listening to a podcast about the importance of improving your sleep quality. This triggered him to take a scented candle back with him which he found helped him to feel more at home when he was away and relax before sleep.

Having always loved candles, this sparked Emma’s imagination and she decided to explore whether candles could be more than just a lovely scent but also have healing qualities. The idea was to create a product that could actually help the body to recover from the common ailments associated with sport. 

Shortly after this, Emma started researching and ordering essential oils to conduct her own testing. With guidance from aromatherapists and Will’s wealth of knowledge (having played professional rugby for nearly 10 years), we were able to identify and create four blends that target specific hurdles that athletes face on a daily basis. Each blend serves its own unique purpose and aims to reduce recovery time and help athletes to reach their peak performance.

Having attempted and experimented with making the candles in the kitchen (and the odd candle catastrophe!) it was obvious we should outsource our manufacturing. We were delighted to find Pat, a local candle manufacturer in Bangor who shared our vision and now produces Recover’s candles.